Hi JJ,

Agree that your pieces are always worth reading and contain new, valuable information. Thank you!

Here’s are two questions I have never seen addressed, however, even by Medium “experts” like you. 1) What articles are the biggest earners — like the $10,000 article in August and the $50,000 article you referenced? I would be very curious to know the content of the most successful, most-viewed pieces. 2) I admit I’m quite skeptical about the curation process. With the sheer volume of articles being submitted, it seems unlikely that eyes can land on every single one to judge them for curation. I am guessing a lot simply gets ignored/overlooked. A hint of this is the fact that I often see glaring, egregious mistakes in headlines of articles that have been curated, suggesting that the process is speedy and haphazard. If you’re a familiar, already curated writer, you probably stand a much better chance of getting curated than if you’re new.

So how about a realistic piece about how hard it is to get the attention of the curation gods, not just because you failed to write something good, but because of the sheer volume of submissions and the small number of Medium editors who can make it happen? “Is Curation an Impossible Dream?” Ha, maybe I should write it. How in hell would I get that information?

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